Wednesday, August 27, 2008

All Star Superman in Eleven Panels

One of the great aspects of All Star Superman is its economic use of pages to tell an epic story. Writer Grant Morrison and artist Frank Quitely effectively communicate entire scenes in single panels. You could call it superhero minimalism.

In that spirit, I thought it might be neat to try to retell the story so far, using only one panel from each of the first eleven issues, in an attempt to put together a (somewhat) coherent summation of the book/trailer for the twelfth and final issue.

Let me know what you think: did it work? Do you have suggestions for different panels to use? Remember, only one panel per issue. Also, if anybody knows how to set this up as a slideshow, let me know.

Edited to add:

Now that the series has concluded with issue twelve, I've gone ahead and put up a post with the final panel.


  1. Wow. Having read the whole series, it's hard to tell how much I'm filling in the blanks, but my first impression: it totally worked, and was splendid. Bravo. (Seriously, DC should use it, and pay you.)

  2. Inplications! the implications!!!

    what nuance!

    wozwers! great job!!!

  3. I liked that. It felt like the opening of a TV show.

    "Previously on All-Star Superman..."

  4. It seemed like a trailer for "Season 1" of All-Star Superman, which is awesome. Now I wanna pick up the trades for it!

  5. I'll be honest, I didn't read any of those comic books and I have no idea what's going on here. Someone wants to kill him, he gets his face smashed into the street, uhh ... midget boxer guy, maybe Kent goes to another planet? I don't know.

  6. Not having read the series, but sufficiently familiar with Superman, I'm not sure I get a sense of plot continuity. I agree with the previous comment that it was like a TV show opener.

    On the other hand, this could just be me reflecting my bias that Grant Morrison is a pretentious hack who hides behind great artists to distract the reader from the fact that his writing is awful.

  7. huh? what the heck was that about? that made absolutely no sense.

  8. nice work.

    morrison & quitely told the ultimate superman's origin in a perfect single-page sequence.

    this series is really awesome, and im not even that much into superman.

  9. Grant Morrison is a monster - Frank and Jamie's art is wondrous to behold.

    This is the Superman we should have seen in 1986.

    John Byrne did what was called for...but maybe he should have gone for broke, and just told a tale with all of the best elements of Superman - I feel that is what we have been given by Grant, Frank and Jamie.

    I still can't believe I was misguided as to Leo Quintum.

    I'm sure there'll be a second series - the reception must have been awesome...with the return of the lovable-but-bumbling Clark Kent, Jimmy Olsen as Superman's pal, the Lois Lane we all love (Margot, can you hear me?), and the return of Lex Luthor as a scary motherf-HUSH YOUR MOUTH!


  10. I love Superman comic books. No other hero could ever surpass this one.