Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Where the Internet Ends.

So after you have read every blog post in your rss feed reader, read Slate, and read the New York Times, where do you go?

I'm talking worthwhile, interesting content, not useless fluff/trivia.

Suggest your favorite internet places in the comments. (They don't have to be comic-related.)



    Awesome blog. Always something to tickle my fancy.

    Pretty interesting, easy-to-read magazine blog about politics, society, the green revolution...

  2. I read that site voraciously.

    Also Facebook, since I can usually goof around and find something to do on there. Oh wait, that's probably useless fluff. Never mind.

  3. Thanks for the recommendations. I've never heard of Good, but it looks great. Boingboing I've visited infrequently; I might have to subscribe to it for a while to see if I should be paying more attention to it. And I used to read the print version of the A.V. Club and should get back into the habit. Their movie reviews were always terrifically written.

  4. - constantly updated compilation of design & art stuff, and a great way for lots of time to fly by. & - 'cause i like videogames too much.

    and the beat, natch.


    It's the best blog for Warcraft players of the Paladin persuasion. What's even more interesting is the blogger was caught stealing another blogger's photos and posts and trying to pass them off as her own.

    And, yes, after all that, it's still one of the best Warcraft blogs out there.

    I realize this site speaks to a *very* niche audience.

  6. Wow - that is a very specific audience. Thanks for the suggestion.