Monday, November 2, 2009

Is it time for the Best Comics of 2009 Meta-List already?

Apparently, Amazon and Publisher's Weekly have already put up their "best comics of 2009" lists, even though we still have two months left in the year. In case anyone was wondering, I'm planning on aggregating all of this year's lists into a single meta-list, like the one I just posted for 2008. If enough people put up "Best of the Decade" lists, I'll compile those too.

One quick note: the four books that appear on both lists -- Stitches, Asterios Polyp, The Photographer, and A Drifting Life -- have to be favored to crack the top 10 of the aggregated list.

By the way, I'm also still planning on breaking down that 2008 list in a little more detail. Hopefully that'll happen soon.

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