Monday, January 11, 2010

Brandom Graham's talking about King City and Multiple Warheads

Brandon Graham, creator of the oh-so-fantastic King City and Multiple Warheads, is answering questions for the next five days at Warren Ellis's Whitechapel forums.

Already, Graham has been asked whether he will continue King City after the first twelve issues and whether it might be collected.  His answer:
As far as King city-- the rights are a co-tied up mess. so I'm not sure if and when I'll be back to it after the 12 issues. I do have some future stuff based in the same world---like what's happening in china at the same time.  because of the rights hullabaloo while Image is publishing the issues Tokyopop gets to decide what to do with the collection.  I assume they will do something with it in the future. there's a french box set coming out too--fancy.
And as for what projects we will be seeing this year:
Mostly this year is King city issues and then around november I'll start putting out my color Russian werewolf book Multiple warheads.
 So go follow along in the discussion here.

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