Monday, April 26, 2010

National Train Day 2010 Poster

I saw this poster on the wall of the 30th Street train station in Philadelphia today, and I really like it:

The poster is for National Train Day 2010, a nationwide celebration of trains on May 8.

It's a very nice design, because it looks great from a distance (all that blue!) and also has all these fun details that you can only see up close (like the name and number on the back of the jersey on the kid standing alongside the train, to point out just one that I thought was neat).  Plus, it was memorable enough that after seeing it around noon, I thought to look it up hours later.

You can click the image above for a larger version, but I recommend  clicking here to see the high resolution pdf version, and be sure to zoom in nice and close.

So, does anyone know who drew this poster?

EDIT:  I know who drew this poster!  It was IC4DESIGN. How do I know this?  The kind person posting at National Train Day's twitter account told me.  And check out IC4DESIGN's portfolio.  Great stuff!

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