Monday, May 3, 2010

Live-Tweeting from the 2010 MoCCA "Best Comics of the 00s" Panel

Back on April 10th, I attended the MoCCA Fest panel called "Best Comics of the 00s."  The panelists were Eric Reynolds from Fantagraphics, Becky Cloonan (Demo), Alex Robinson (Box Office Poison), Nick Bertozzi (The Salon), and comic critic Douglas Wolk.  The panelists were asked to talk about their favorite books from the last decade.  Here is a recap of the panel from moderator Brian Heater of The Daily Cross Hatch.

And . . . I actually live-tweeted during the entire panel.  Because the panel was not recorded or otherwise preserved for posterity, I thought I would re-post my tweets here.  (By the way, you can follow me on Twitter here: @iloverobliefeld.)

Here are the tweets:

At the "Best Comics of the 00s" panel, watching everyone futz with their mikes. 4:07 PM

Eric Reynolds thinks Wally Gropius is a masterpiece. 4:08 PM

Nick Bertozzi (The Salon) is finishing up a graphic novel on Lewis and Clark. Neat. 4:09 PM

After Demo, Becky Cloonan will be doing an 8 issue series for Dark Horse written by Gerard Way. 4:10 PM

Alex Robinson just started a 500 page book called Career Killer. 4:11 PM

Douglas Wolk picked David B's Epileptic as one of the best of the 00s. 4:14 PM

Becky Cloonan picked Scott Pilgrim, says it's bringing new readers to comics. 4:15 PM

Nick Bertozzi picked Little Nemo, the supersized version as one of the best of the 00s. 4:16 PM

Alez Robinson picked Grickle. 4:18 PM

(Make that "Alex.") 4:19 PM

Eric Reynolds picked Jimbo. 4:20 PM

Says page composition is unbelievable. Unlike anything else you'll ever see. 4:22 PM

Douglas Wolk also picked Fun Home. "Incredibly funny writer dealing with painfu memories." 4:23 PM

Cloonan picked BPRD. Guy Davis is her favorite contemporary cartoonist. 4:24 PM

It gets her choked up. "Nothing is wasted in this comic." 4:26 PM

Dave Stewart, the colorist, is incredible. First color comic that blew her mind. 4:27 PM

Bertozzi picked Jack Kirby's Kamandi. "A complete rip-off of Planet of the Apes." 4:28 PM

"The man was ON FIRE, when he was doing Kamandi." 4:31 PM

Alex Robinson picked Guy Delisle"s travelogue Pyongyuang. (sp?) 4:33 PM

Pyongyang? 4:33 PM

Nick Bertozzi is winning this panel. 4:35 PM

Cloonan says the storytelling is cinematic and lush. Says he "picks his shots" well. 4:37 PM

Reynolds picked Jimmy Corrigan. One of the most influential graphic novels, he says. 4:38 PM

Pushing the formal envelope, runs the gamet of human emotions, perfectly drawn. 4:39 PM

"How particular is Chris about the format of the book?" Reynolds: "What do you think?" 4:43 PM

When Pantheon printing it in 2001, Ware flew on his own dime to Singapore to make sure they printed it right. 4:44 PM

Wolk picked Charles Burns's Black Hole. 4:44 PM

Reynolds thinks it is very readable, but it has a lot of subtext that gives it a deeper resonance as you go back to it. 4:45 PM

"The unquestioned master of the brush in comics." Reynolds on Burns. 4:47 PM

Becky Cloonan picked Blade of the Immortal. Now it has devolved into torture porn, but volumes in the middle are incredible. 4:49 PM

Bertozzi picked Town Boy, by Lat. Hilarious, quick smooth drawing style. 4:52 PM

Robinson picked Mike Dawson's Freddie and Me, which Robinson is actually in. 4:54 PM

Reynolds picked Deitch's collected works. Says he is the one of the original underground cartoonists who is at the top of his game. 4:56 PM

Reynolds called Deitch a "yarn-spinner." 4:59 PM

I asked what their favorite books of this year are. Reynolds said Footnotes in Gaza, Wolk said Weathercraft, and Cloonan said ... 5:02 PM

Fraction's Uncanny X-Men. Panel over, and I'm signing off. 5:03 PM


  1. Thanks for this! Come up and introduce yourself after the panel next time!

  2. Definitely. And thanks for organizing the panels!