Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The "Best Comics of 2010" Lists

I'm collecting all of the online "Best Comics of 2010" lists so that I can later aggregate them into a single meta-list.  I thought I'd post all of the lists that I have found here.

If you see another list out there or write one yourself, send me a link.

13 Minutes
6'7" and Green (best new manga) (best continuing manga) (critics' choices for best manga) (manga readers' choice awards)
A Comic Book Blog
Alternate Cover
Ambrosia (best comics published in the United States)
American Library Association (best comics for teens)
Anime Diet (best manga)
Arizona Daily Wildcat
Ashcan Press
Articulate Nerd  
Austin American-Statesman
Awesomed By Comics (podcast)

Beaucoup Kevin
Berkeley Place
Big Red Robot
Boston Phoenix
Brian Evinou

Candy or Medicine (best mini-comics)
Carve Your Name Comics
Chamber Four
Collected Comics Library (best collected editions)
Comic Attack: Bento Bako Weekly (best manga)
Comic Book Bin
Comic Book Jesus: Extra Sequential (podcast)
Comic Book Resources
Comic Book Resources: Comics Should Be Good! (Brian Cronin)
Comic Book Resources: Comics Should Be Good! (Greg Burgas)
Comic Book Resources: Robot 6
Comic Book Resources: Robot 6 (creator survey)
Comic Book Resources: Robot 6 (most criminally ignored comics)
Comic Book Resources: When Words Collide
Comic Book Therapy
Comic Panelist 
Comics-and-More (best manga)
Comics-and-More (best superhero comics)
Comics Comics
Comics from Mars
Comics - On The Ration
Comics Worth Reading
ComiXology: This Ship is Totally Sinking
Creative Loafing

Death to the Universe
Dork Forty

Electric Ant Zine: Ryan Sands
Entertainment Weekly: Shelf Life
Exquisite Things
Extra Sequential (podcast)

Fangoria (best horror comics)
Fearing Americans
FEARnet (best horror comics)
Flashlight Worthy
Forbidden Planet International
Forbidden Planet International: Richard 
Forbidden Planet International: Wim
Four Colours & The Truth (best collections, translations, & reprints) 
Four Colours & The Truth (best mini-series)
Four Colours & The Truth (best ongoing comic series)
Four Colours & The Truth (best original graphic novels)
Fourcast! (podcast)
Girls Read Comics Too
Going to New Mexico
Good Comics for Kids (best comics for kids)
Graphic Novel Reporter
Graphic Universe
Heeb Magazine
House to Astonish (podcast)
Hypergeek (best original graphic novels)

iFanboy (best manga)
iFanboy (best new comics)
iFanboy (best single issues)
iFanboy (best collected editions)
iFanboy (best new non-superhero comic book series)
iFanboy (podcast)
IGN Blog

Inkstuds (creators' picks) (podcast)
Inkstuds (critics' picks) (podcast)
Inside Pulse: Comics Nexus
Inside Pulse: Comics Nexus (Aaron Glazer) 

Joshua Malbin 

King Trash: Michael DeForge
Kirkus Book Reviews (best comic books for children)
Kirkus Book Reviews (best comic books for teens)

Largehearted Boy
Las Vegas Weekly
Learning How To Swim
Library Journal
Lubbock Avalanche-Journal: The Hero Sandwich

Madinkbeard (best print comics)
Madinkbeard (best webcomics)
Manga Critic (best manga)
Manga Bookshelf (best manga)
Manga Out Loud (best manga) (podcast)
Manga Widget (best manga)
Manga Worth Reading (best manga)
Manga Xanadu (best manga)
Marietta Times
Maybe Blogging Will Help: John Porcellino 
Meltcast (part 1 | part 2) (podcast)
Meltcast: Aaron Brewer
Meltcast: Sam Humphries
Meltcast: Caleb Monroe
Meltcast: Chris Rosa
Memories Fade
Motion Pictures Comics (part one | part two
MTV Geek
MTV Splashpage
Multiversity Comics
Multiversity Comics (best issue)
Multiversity Comics (best mini-series)
Multiversity Comics (best new series)
Multiversity Comics (best ongoing series)
Multiversity Comics (best original graphic novel)
Multiversity Comics (most overlooked title)

National Public Radio: Monkey See 
Nerdage (best comic book series)
Nerdage (best graphic novels)
New Westminster Public Library
New York Magazine: Vulture
New York Times
Novels Blogs

OK Comics

Panel Patter (part 1 | part 2)
Paul Gravett
Piki Geek
Politics and Prose
Poopsheet Foundation (best mini-comics and small press titles)
Project Coe
Publishers Weekly
Publishers Weekly (critics' poll)
Publishers Weekly (best manga)


San Francisco Chronicle
Secret Identity (podcast)
Seen All Over
Sekventiellt (best Swedish comic books)
Septagon Studios Comic Blog
Sequential Tart
Sidebar (podcast)
Sparkplug Comic Books
Suicide Girls Blog 

Techland (best graphic novels)
Tederick Tumbles 
The Alternative Chronicle
The Awesomenomicon (part 1 | part 2)
The Comic Book Times
The Comics Reporter (list of lists) 
The Cultural Gutter
The Daily Cross Hatch
The Economist: More Intelligent Life (Dan Nadel)
The Institute of Idle Time
The Long and Shortbox Of It!
The Nerdiest Kids
The SF Site: Nexus Graphica (part one | part two)
The Weekly Crisis
Thirteen Minutes
Three Trees Studios    
Topless Robot
Trosper and Ignatz Meet Gentle Giant
Truest Word Ever Spoke

USA Today: PopMatters (best collected comics)
USA Today: PopMatters (best ongoing comics)

Village Voice

Warren Peace Sings the Blues
Wednesday's Haul Alt Text (best new webcomics)
Wolkin's House of Chicken and Waffles (and Comics!)

X-Ray Spex (best comic book)
X-Ray Spex (best graphic novels)
X-Ray Spex (best books about comics)


  1. Is there a way that when you update the list with new links, in addition to slotting them into the list alphabetically, you highlight the ones you've recently added? That way we don't need to keep a perfect memory of the ones we have previously read.

    Thanks, I absolutely love this list aggregation you do - check it without fail every year.

  2. No problem -- I'll do a separate little update post each time with just the new lists included. Glad you like the lists!

  3. Awesome! Can't wait to go through these. I'll send you mine as soon as it's done.


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