Sunday, April 3, 2011

April 3, 2011 Updates to the "Best Comics of 2010" Lists

I'm collecting all of the online "Best Comics of 2010" lists so that I can later aggregate them into a single meta-list.  Here is the final group of lists that I will use for the meta-list:

6'7" and Green (manga readers' choice awards)
Comic Book Resources: Comics Should Be Good! (Greg Burgas)
Comic Book Therapy
Comic Panelist 
Comics - On The Ration
Exquisite Things

Extra Sequential (podcast)
Going to New Mexico
Inside Pulse: Comics Nexus
Inside Pulse: Comics Nexus (Aaron Glazer) 
Motion Pictures Comics (part one | part two)
Novels Blogs
Poopsheet Foundation (best mini-comics and small press titles)
Septagon Studios Comic Blog
Sequential Tart
Sidebar (podcast)
Sparkplug Comic Books
The Long and Shortbox Of It!
Three Trees Studios  
Warren Peace Sings the Blues 

The complete list of "Best Comics of 2010" lists is here:

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