Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Buy This Comic on Wednesday, August 12, 2009: Hero Comics

Buy This Comic is an ongoing feature here at I Love Rob Liefeld in which I recommend one comic book -- and one book only -- arriving on shelves on Wednesday.

This week's pick is:

Hero Comics: A Hero Initiative Benefit Book, with contributions from Matt Wagner, Howard Chaykin, Bill Willingham, Gene Ha, David Lloyd, Kaare Andrews, J. Scott Campbell, Arthur Adams, Gene Colan, Bill Messner-Loebs, and Josh Medors, published by The Hero Initiative, 32 pages, $3.99

According to the solicitation:
The 32-page, no-ads comic, edited and produced by Scott Dunbier, special projects editor at IDW Publishing, will be released in late July with two covers, Eve by J. Scott Campbell, and Grendel by Matt Wagner. The fundraising book will contain great, all-new content including an original American Flagg! story by Howard Chaykin, and original stories by Gene Ha, Bill Willingham, David Lloyd, and Kaare Andrews, published by the Hero Initiative, 32 pages, $3.99.

In addition, Arthur Adams will recreate three classic Marvel Comics covers, and Hero Initiative beneficiaries such as Gene Colan, Bill Messner-Loebs and Josh Medors will tell their own personal stories, detailing their severe struggles, and Hero's involvement.
The Hero Initiative is a worthy cause to support, since it provides aid to comic book creators and their families. This benefit book has a number of terrific contributors, so go buy it.

Here's a link to more information about the book.


  1. Whoa, I didn't even realize this was coming out. I'll have to look for it at the shop today.

  2. Yeah, I can't say they've done a terrific job promoting it. And it looks like it was pushed back from the original release date. But it's on Diamond shipping list for the week, and my local store said they were getting it in today.