Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Murals, Stitches, and Podcasts

Some links of interest:
  • The New York Times published an article about an amazing mural created by two Brazilian graffiti artists, who are twin brothers that call themselves Os Gemeos. Be sure to look at the slideshow of pictures that accompanies the article. Incredibly, this mural will only be there until March! Two thoughts: (1) How could you take that down? Leave it up there! (2) Somehow, Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba apparently have some competition to be the top Brazilian twin brother artists. I say they settle it the traditional way: pencils at dawn! (Or maybe they should settle it the Chicago way, which involves putting somebody in the morgue?*)
  • Publisher's Weekly just posted an interesting interview with David Small, the author of Stitches, which I reviewed here. They also put up a sixteen-page preview of the book. Both items are well worth your time. Actually, I recommend: (1) looking at the preview now to get excited about the book; and (2) bookmarking the interview and reading it after you've read the book, since it provides a lot of fascinating information about the creation of the work.
  • Do you listen to podcasts about comic books? I listen to two: (1) Awesomed by Comics; and (2) House to Astonish. I recommend checking them out, if you have a moment.
*Wait, was that TWO Sean Connery references in one week? Good lord, what is going on here?

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