Thursday, July 23, 2009

Best Comics of 2008 Meta-List: A Call for Help

Last year Dick Hyacinth put together a "meta-list" of the best comic books of 2007 that aggregated the lists of critics across the internet and in print.

He was working on doing the same thing for the best comic books of 2008, but he never posted a meta-list. In fact, he hasn't written anything on his website since March 13, 2009.

I'd like to complete his project and post a Best Comics of 2008 Meta-List. (I've e-mailed Dick to ask for his permission to do this, but he hasn't responded.) But, there are a lot of lists out there to aggregate, and it would take one person a long time to go through them and input the data.

I need your help to create a Best Comic Books of 2008 Meta-List. If you are interested in helping out:
  • Send me an e-mail using the "contact me" link on the top right of this site.
  • After enough people have responded, I will send each person links to a few lists and a spreadsheet.
  • You will input the data from the lists into the spreadsheet and then send it back to me.
  • After everybody has sent me their spreadsheets, I will smush them all together, run the numbers, and post the meta-list.
Please volunteer! The more people that help, the less that each person will need to do.

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