Sunday, July 12, 2009

Those Image Moments: Weapon Zero's shiny spiky bits.

Here's another aspect of a '90's Image comic book that I really liked when I was a teenager: the techno-organic designs of Joe Benitez in Weapon Zero (written by Benitez and Walter Simonson).

Here are a few examples from issues T-4 and T-2:

(click to enlarge)

Other Image Moments:


  1. I hate to be the guy who pops up for each of these posts and says, "you know, this sucks", but wow, I don't like this. I guess the designs are "cool" in a way that I might have also liked as a teenager, but the art is so hard to follow, and the dialogue is hilariously bad. "The earth--and all that inherit it--shall be mine!" But if it's his, won't he be the one to inherit it?

  2. Hey - no problem. Notice that I didn't try to defend this one and merely said I liked it when I was younger. Have at it.

    That's a good point about that line of dialogue. Maybe they meant to say "The Earth -- and all that INHABIT it -- shall be mine!"

  3. fuck that i still love weapon zero.....actually reading it today...most impressive,,,only simpletons can't follow the need your art spoon fed to you...