Sunday, July 5, 2009

Marvel's 1993 Annual Report, Part 3

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Although there isn't as much awesomeness in this section, the financial data and discussion should be enough to keep all you amateur comic book historians happy. Make sure you check out the last page, for the extra-special surprise!

(my scanner automatically captured the text-only pagesin lower resolution and black and white, for some reason)

(inside rear cover)

And what's this attached to the rear cover? Is it.... TRADING CARDS? A limited set of four trading cards? YES I'LL HAVE THOSE.

And what's this on the back of the cards? Highlights of the history and future prospects of four of Marvel's top properties, including discussion of James Cameron's upcoming Spider-Man movie? And the upcoming X-Men movie featuring Wolverine? YESSSSSSS.

I hope you all enjoyed this peek into the high-flying past of comic books, a time when Marvel counted on both comic book speculators AND trading card speculators. (And why oh why would they choose Fleer? Even Donruss would have been better.)

As for me, I hung on to my four shares through the wild ride of 1993 - 1994, when they shot up from the purchase price of $16 to at least twice that amount, then split into eight shares, and then tumbled downward to something bad.

I also got Marvel's 1994 Annual Report, which I may one day share with everyone (trust me, it's not half as interesting), and then sold my shares for a small loss. I can't remember what I ultimately sold them for; a nickle and some lint from Stan Lee's pocket, probably.

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